Thursday, 3 January 2013

First post, fashionably late

In case you haven't read the first post, I am my girlfriend's boyfriend and this is our film blog. To kick things off, we've each done our top 15 cinema releases of 2012. Here we go:

15. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower It started off looking like a glossy celebration of all things hipster, but as the veneer cracked, the depth showed and I started to get interested. It took on subjects I haven't seen in the mainstream before, and I really appreciated it's honesty.

14. Hunger Games It's Battle Royale without the subtitles (or years of Japanese lessons)! And with Jennifer Lawrence! And a sense of righteous indignation on behalf of oppressed minorities! And with Jennifer Lawrence!

13. Looper What have they done to his FACE??? Ok. Now I've got that off my chest, well done looper. I love chewing over a good time travel paradox, and this one had some ideas I haven't seen before (and I'm a huge nerd).

12. Promethius My 3D moment of the year was the shot of stars with depth perspective - something humans could never experience with the naked eye. Those few seconds summarise the whole film. Action and visuals so cool that you don't notice the nonsense plot and wall-to-wall bullshit science.

11. Jeff Who Lives At Home Jason Segel is awesome and I'm sorry to say that this is his only entry in this list. I liked that things work out for Jeff, but also not knowing why – fate or fluke?

10. Skyfall Despite mucking up my favourite fan theory about Bond, Skyfall was a great celebration of the franchise to date. I liked the feeling of the series assessing itself and modernising, hidden in a cracking Bond movie.

9. Moonrise Kingdom I don't like twee films, I said. It looks really hipster, I said. *Facepalm*.

8. The Dark Knight Rises I have had entire conversations with my sister through the medium of Bane impressions. A hero movie is only as good as its bad guy and I just want to know more and more about Bane.

7. The Descendants So, your dead wife was cheating on you and your kids hate you. Good luck, George Clooney!

6. Cabin In The Woods Looks like a typical teen horror film, doesn't it? Nope. Whedon answers the question "why do the kids have to die so horribly?" with ancient Gods and elevator after elevator full of bloodthirsty monsters.

5. Avengers Assemble “Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” is where I want to be in five year's time. I like my superheroes fallible and my violence comic book-style.

4. End Of Watch Walking in, I expected forgetable guns 'n' glory type-stuff. The film draws you in, shows a partnership developing, then emotionally blindsides you right at the end. So much more than I expected.

3. Argo Knowing how it ends might have made it less engaging, but knowing it was all REAL kept the atmosphere piano-string tense until the last second.

2. Silver Linings Playbook While obviously asking "who are the real crazies here?", it doesn't hit you around the head with the question. It's a psychiatric safari that finds humour and fun in the character's various situation without making fun. Also, maybe I didn't mention, but I love Jennifer Lawrence. It's the least rom-com rom-com I've ever seen and I loved it.

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Martin Freeman was great as Bilbo (just as he was great as Arthur Dent and Tim Canterbury, without really having to change much. Sensible tea-junkies seem to be his niche). I loved the whole film because it was FUN. It did for me what fantasy is meant to do – take my out of myself and away from the real world. I didn't even notice that I needed a pee until the very end!

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