Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The tricky first post...

Here's me making good on one of my "action points" (definitely not resolutions...) for 2013 - starting a website with my man. Ok, so it's just a film blog, but it's a start! And as today is the very first of 2013, it seems fitting to count down our films of 2012 (separately that is). Eventually we'll hopefully use this blog to write regular reviews - the idea being the male and female perspective might in some way provide an interesting comparison... Who knows? But for now, here are my top 15 films of 2012 - enjoy!

15. The Amazing Spiderman / Dark Knight Rises (I can't split them, plus it's a sneaky away to add a 16th film, shhhuushh..) - Brilliant Spiderman reboot and the Garfield-Stone chemistry was wonderful. Dark Knight spawned so many terrible Bane impressions from my man that I had to seriously debate adding it, and Catwoman was unfortunately underdeveloped, but let's face it, still a great film.
14. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - So, so, long, but so, so, beautiful. Worth it for the scene between Bilbo and Gollum alone.
13. Prometheus - More unanswered questions than answered, but what did we expect? Doesn't matter really because what we got was more scene-stealing from Fassbender, the quickest recovery from caesarian in history and some inspired 3D. Awesome.
12. Looper - Despite being completely distracted the whole time by GJL's melty Bruce Wills-esque stroke-face, I still think this film rocked. A neat twist on time-travel and loved seeing Emily Blunt in a grittier role.
11. End of Watch - Can be summed up thus: "the best film I never want to see ever again'.
10. 21 Jump Street - Actually funny, like, properly funny, wonder if it'll age well as a lot of the jokes are so era sensitive, but great light relief, and the Depp cameo was just brilliant.
9. Skyfall - I should confess that this is only the second Bond I've watched in full, but I loved it. Hoped there'd be more from his Bond Girls, but perhaps the point was for M to be his girl here.. Either way, Bardem managed to make camp terrifying, and the wonderful Mr Fiennes was superb, think he'll be a great addition. Looking forward to the next one already.
8. The Muppets - Not just because I'm in love with Jason Segel, but because it was warm, funny, smart and had Sheldon in it. Fancy travel by map anyone?
7. Silver Linings Playbook - Ahhh Jennifer Lawrence, you are lovely... First of 2 entries for Jennifer in this RomCom with a twist, featuring the best dance scene of 2012 and the welcome return of De Niro.
6. Avengers Assemble - When you can't decide on your favourite character, the film's probably doing something right. Of course Iron Man got all the best laughs, but Whedon gave everyone space to shine and is just what the world of comic adaptations needed.
5. Cabin in the Woods - More Whedon action here with probably the funniest horror I've ever seen. Naturally it's not a horror-by-numbers, but knowing and demonstrative of a real love of the genre whilst turning it on it's head. Love, love, loved it.
4. Hunger Games - I wasn't even sure I wanted to see this, I hadn't read the books and didn't get the hype. I'm so glad I did though, I actually ran to the bookshop the minute it finished to buy all 3 on the strength of the film, which I think says it all.
3. The Descendants - I'd almost forgotten this was a 2012 release, but I do remember loving it, particularly Clooney awkwardly running in slippy shoes, classic.
2. Argo - So everyone has already raved about this, and I doubt I can add anything new suffice to say, Affleck done good.
1. Moonrise Kingdom - I've never been the biggest Wes Anderson fan, but this one was different. Gorgeous story, gorgeous performances from Jared Gilman and Kara Haywood, and it looked pretty gorgeous too. Loved that despite the stellar adult cast, it was the kids who really shone. I urge you to check Moonrise Kingdom out if you missed it, you won't regret it.

So, there you are. I should say, we haven't seen Life of Pi yet, and doubtless I'd try to sneak in a 17th film if I had, so it's probably a blessing in disguise... There are also a few films I wanted to see but missed this year: Frankenweenie, Killing Them Softly, The Raid, Sightseers and Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene - who knows what the list could have looked like?

Watch this space for the other half's list - I genuinely don't know what's in his, so even if you're not intrigued, I am! Bye for now!

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